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Anyone here?

Anyone still read/post to here?

Feb. 16th, 2012

hello dear readers thought i'd drop a line here to let everyone know I was still kicking. anyone use this still?


So was reminded that this was here. Sorry for leaving you alone. There's been of course many many changes. Loss being one of them. I will try to update more. always, me
anyone got a job for dave? or any money we can borrow for rent? his unemployment ran out last week and he wasn't paying attention to that... dunno what to do... I dont make enough to support us both or even cover the rent.. I'm hoping he can get an extention... but that only goes so far.. he needs a job

still alive

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive.. am going to try posting here more often as I am going to be trying to get down to a size 24 by october or as close as I can... with the goal being 24 or 26 by end of dec... so yeah
so anyway.. may hear lots of stuff on here
but for now am going to go... this whole goal thing starts monday...

decorating the tree tonight

eww nose picking yes I made him wash his hands

and the wierdness has begun.. or rather... caught on camera

an update

Hey everyone!! So Sat night I went to see WICKED I was sooo impressed by it! I really liked it! Though it seems that the musical took some liberties with the story... but then again it's been a while since I read the book that I could be wrong. Anybody else on my list read WICKED and seen the musical? would love to chat about it!
Yesterday I went and saw Gamer. While I will tell you it is a guy's movie since it is an action movie and you do see TandA but not much on the guy front. Given all this I did like the movie. It had my fav leading man that is after Keanu, Gerard Butler. Def droolworthy lol! The technology that they are discussing and the way that they are playing the games, surfing the net and so forth was amazing! For a geeky girl like me I was like, I want! I can bearly wait until technology like the room being the moniter for your computer and using your hands and body to move through the internet, become a reality in most homes. (I say most as well, there are still some households out there without a SINGLE computer)
Work has been work, dunno how much longer I'll be there. My work wants me there at work, but when I have to go to the doctors my doctor hasn't signed the paperwork so I can without getting fired. *sigh* And now some of the requirements have changed to the point that I don't know how much longer I will be there and know that I wont be getting ANY bonuses. I know sounds negative, but...
Dave is still out of work. He's getting unemployment and I have now taken over the medical. It's coming out of my checks now and that leaves pretty much nothing left with the costs. AND on top of that a deductable?!?!? yeah... not fun. I find myself wishing it was back before I was digonsed with all the ailments I have.
My ear is still plugged. When I went to Oregon my right ear began to hurt and then fill up. Went to ER and they gave me sutafed and pain killers told me it should clear up in a few days and if not to see my doctor for a follow up. Went to see doc since it didn't clear up. She gives me a naisal spray for allergies. Tells me it's probably seasonal allergies to continue to take the sutafed and then when that's out to take Claritin D and that it should unplug in a week. Nope didn't happen. Said that she wasn't going to send me to an allergist or ear nose and throat doc as it wasn't that severe. Not that severe?? I can't hear out the ear, can't sleep as it's uncomfy. And I work with my hearing hello answering phones/customer care????!?!? Scheduled another doc appointment with same doc last friday. Because I just took over my own benefits I didn't have a temp card. So I talked to the HR lady who told me to try and give them the group # and all the info I had. Okay I think no problem.. nope! They couldn't verify my benefits, I didn't have enough info. So they say yeah we can see you for 100+$ up front. Which I didn't have at all.. hello, my husband is out of work! So we canceled the appointment and rescheduled for this friday. Let's hope they can figure something out I can't live like this and honesly am afraid that my ear will be perm this way. Anyway, I'm whining. Other than that, am taking a cake decorating class. Well, Dave and I are. I started last week I really think i'm going to like decorating cakes!
Anyway, better get going as my desktop still likes to restart at random times.